Welcome to my indie music, singer-songwriter, & poetry passions ...

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Monty Milne standing in the snow holding a white guitar.
Monty Milne; indie singer-songwriter

Hello I am Monty Milne, an independent singer-songwriter and composer of indie music - both power-pop-rock and acoustic rock. I hail from the still waters and blue skies of Port Providence, Pennsylvania.

My unique indie music style comes from a blend of the classic rock, punk, and acoustic singer-songwriter genres. I like to think my indie music has a unique voice and sound that is original and modern.

I use the term indie music because I have never been signed to a label and have stayed an independent singer-songwriter so I can have full artistic license over the songs I write and how they are composed and recorded.

Acoustic Resurrection - released in - and Rock Stars Don't Eat Cookies - released in - are my most recent projects.

It is now , and I have a new recording project in the works. I think it will be my best one yet!

I hope you will listen to my indie music, support my independent singer-songwriter projects, and look forward to my future sounds!