[CC] Poetry Text Translations

All poetry copyrighted © by Monty Milne

A Call To Arms

Worldly mind oppression
Us and Them (all over again)
Artist vs. Government
They fight with reason and logic
I fight with dreams
What they call insane
I call creative
Now I call for
A new reality
To elevate our
Human Spirit

Blue Angel Sunrise

A blue angel rose from the lucid green sunrise.
A spectacle of shimmering hues and streaking rays.
To chance and romance this divine spirit of fate;
I will struggle through thorns and unreal.
The gnarling and slashing landscape tortures my skin,
but my heart levitates with her azure glow.
In faith, I move on to reach the lavish stairway.
To her true way I will step on any devils.

Chaos and the Cosmos
  1. Good and Bad
    The two great opposites on either side
    Of every soul as it treads the
    Narrow line of Limbo
    It is instilled in human beings in
    Psychological terms as Hope and Fear
    That excited, successful, heated feeling
    That drives one to reach Salvation or
    The depressed, failing, cooling pressure
    That drives on into Desolation
  2. The Great Animals of the Earth instinctively
    Follow the abstract Live or Die
    To eat, settle and survive or
    Starve, wander, and perish
  3. The Politics of Life
    Patterns of Us and Them handed to
    Citizens and Politicians
    On grounds of Boredom and Revolution
    The Committee pacifies the minds of peasants
    With beer and cigarettes and television sets
    To keep Boredom at bay
    Preventing the breakdown of Order and
    The outbreak of Disorder and Revolution
  4. The Holy Men whine of Pain or Pleasure
    This time the line treaded is Infinity
    The universal Great Beyond
    Filled with stars, comets, and Expanding and
    Emptied with voids, black holes, and Collapsing
    Praising the Angels and cursing the Demons
    The blinking twilight of Cosmos
    The burning darkness of Chaos


Float in the Day-Star;
Apollo is there.
The music is golden-orange.
Words of prophecy ignite
the flaming gaseous kingdom.

Footprints of my Soul

I've got to start again
the hunt for my soul
Left somewhere
in the singing colors,
forests of my mind
It is Springtime again
grey sparrows, red robins
carry thoughts, dream clouds
decorate the powdery blue sky
The slurping brook, green moss banks
where Doom once lay
Glorious Springtime, track
footprints of my soul
through golden wisps of
meadowed hills to that same damning fork in the path
See footprints of my soul
trekking down cold winter nights
A frozen Life, bleak icicles
on dark, barren oak trees
The beating heart of the yellow
sun of my mind shines warmth
A season to grow
Leading the feet of my soul
freshly down unexperienced silver trails
With conception and ascension
I orchestrate the reformation,
reborn embryo of my soul

Imaginary Death

Imaginary death is for
Old men and cry babies
Real death is for
Dreamers and heroes
Those who face it
Confront it,
Live it, and
Mock it everyday

Sex on the Beach

New kiss; Hello Miss
Strange delight; Very bright
Hard stone; Never alone
Stain pretty; Open titty
Course in; Screw sin
High max; Come Relax

Part man, part demon

Part man, part demon.
In short,
one hell of a guy

Philosophical Poet

I prefer to think of myself as a philosophical poet; an artistic historian.
These pages are my notes.

Souls of the Dead

I am made of the souls of the dead.
Therefore, I am ever-growing.

The Girl in the Chair

With glassy eyes I booze in this crowded saloon.
My head feels as light as a helium balloon.
Swilling down beer helps hide my despair;
quells my yearning for the girl in the chair.
Sitting near her with my fermented mask,
I stare sheepishly into my emptying flask.
In the corner of my eye I see her move;
slinking toward me in a sexy groove.
She comes closer and jangles her keys!
I tense and feel my whole body freeze!
Gliding past me, she is gay in her flight;
through the door, disappearing into the night.

The Seer

Silvery shadows scurry back from my dream
The dark angels and light demons
"Come dehumanize with us"
Humans are the missing link
between Apes and Spacemen
I believe in angels (to her)
Do you believe in gods? (thinking of me)
(Liz) a walk-in girlfriend
Camouflage my dick for sex (Condom)
Used to be good-looking
The AIDS epidemic
coincided with my budding sexuality
Don't want to seem a man
devoid of emotion
These ears so human
Don't yell at others
(The echo will kill you)
I have the mentality of a serial killer
but not the mind
(i.e. I'm harmless)
I have forseen my lifeplan(span)
(Sounds stupid until you see what I thought)
I'm a Wizard (Daring invincibility)
Dancing and riding the Way
One key element of Universe
puts misery in humanity's heart
Like having your mind oppressed
I do not subscribe to this brand of reality
Are you at ease with
the reality you have been given?
Let's rewrite reality
The artist is a thinker and reasoner
A teacher, historian, healer, and prophet


This room
Is a tomb
Or a womb
New breath
Free death
On some sick
My mind is full
Stop stuffing It!

Bark and Growl

We bark and growl at
each other on gravel streets
"Fuck you"
Defending our territory, mates,
prey, egos
Eye to eye contact
Simply as animalistically civilized
as animals themselves

What You Love

What you love, hate, fucked, felt;
abhored, ignored, detested, ingested
... and threw away
is what makes you what
you are today

Yummy in the Tummy

After trapping their game with keen wit;
they tied their kill to the wooden spit.
'Round and 'round it turned to bake.
Mouths watered at the fleshy cake.
The men were eager to take a bite.
Women and children dressed in white;
cooled the roast with a thatched fan,
then carved out pieces of the well-done man.