Indie singer-songwriter & poet Monty Milne

Songwriter Monty Milne with his twelve string Martin acoustic guitar
Indie singer-songwriter Monty Milne in Port Providence, PA;

I consider myself a creative soul who is living a creative lifestyle. Music, poetry, and the visual arts have been a constant in my life since day one.

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At this point in my life that I am getting a second wind in terms of music and am eager to explore my new music projects and any music opportunities that may come my way.

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Info about my music

My guitar style is very rhythm-driven and I love to lay into chords! My biggest influence is Pete Townshend, and I think it shows in my guitar playing and songwriting. I play a twelve-string Martin acoustic guitar, a twelve-string Danelectro electric guitar, a white Fender Stratocaster electric guitar (a tip-of-the-hat to my favorite guitar player, Jimi Hendrix), plus various other guitars and basses that come into my possession.

I started-off as a drummer and I think that influenced my approach to guitar playing. I did own a nine-piece white Premier drumkit at one point, and used it on my very early recordings. I also still play the drums when I do studio work, and have always enjoyed accenting some of my songs with hand drums. I consider Keith Moon, John Bonham, and Ginger Baker to be my biggest influences in the thumping department.

Some of my recordings are a bit rough around the edges, but when you pursue an independent music course like I have you learn to make due. My first recording "studio" was a dual cassette recorder (BoomBox!) complete with a microphone I bought at Radio Shack for a few bucks! I also had a Tascam 424 4-track cassette recorder at one point in the early 1990's and used that for some of my projects. I also have recorded on my computer using SoundForge and other software.

I was fortunate to have been able to record my last two projects at Tasty Jam Studios in Media, PA.

Random, artistic facts about myself

I like to oil paint, illustrate, and cartoon and consider Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni & Vincent van Gogh to be my favorite visual artists. I often "see" the music I am playing and hope to one day capture these visions with colors on a canvas.

I think the grestest poet who ever lived is Arthur Rimbaud. I also like Robert Frost and Dante Alighieri, especially his masterpiece The Inferno.